Our Vision

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Values
Our Goals

Our Vision

The Women’s Centre strives towards the day when all women walk in safety, live healthy lives, excel in leadership roles and are supported and empowered to fulfill their dreams.

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Our Mission

Come Together.  Find Support.  Take Action.

The Women’s Centre is a safe and respectful space where all self-identified women, and non-binary folks, can connect with one another, access support and services, and work together to create positive change for each other and the community.

We are committed to promoting women's equality and well-being. We do so by raising awareness, educating, advocating and collaborating with government and non-government organizations.

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Our Values

At the Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre our decisions, actions and relations are guided by the following core values:  feminism, inclusivity, anti-oppression, respect and equality.



We demonstrate Feminism by:

  •  Validating women’s experiences and strengths
  •  Fostering non-hierarchical relationships
  •  Challenging power dynamics
  •  Reflecting on our own privileges
  •  Advocating for women’s equality
  •  Promoting self-awareness



We demonstrate anti-oppression by:

  •  Being non-denominational and non-partisan
  •  Observing, acknowledging and working against forms of systemic oppression such as: patriarchy, colonialism, hetero-sexism, racism, able-ism, trans-phobia, homophobia, classicism, ageism, xenophobia, etc.
  •  Educating and learning about forms of oppression



We demonstrate respect by:

  •  Creating a welcoming and safe environment
  •  Ensuring confidentiality
  •  Providing positive social responses that uphold dignity
  •  Acknowledging that women are experts in their own lives; facilitating self-determination



We demonstrate inclusivity by:

  •  Ensuring our programs and services are accessible and reflect women’s realities
  •  Eliminating barriers to access to the Centre
  •  Welcoming all women and their children to the Centre
  •  Nurturing relationships with other groups



At the VFWC we value substantive equality:  sharing according to needs instead of sharing equally.

  • We demonstrate substantive equality by:
  •  Acknowledging the specific needs and diversity of women
  •  Honouring women‘s rights and ability to determine their own needs
  •  Challenging institutions and social norms that perpetuate inequality
  •  Advocating for change that promotes equality
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Our Goals

  1. To ensure all women have the opportunities they need for a high quality of life and to fully participate in their community.
  2. To work towards a safe and connected community for self-identified women
  3. To raise awareness of issues that limit or reduce the well-being of Yukon women (violence against women, sexual abuse, poverty, access to education, housing, childcare, etc.)
  4. To increase the number of women leaders in the Yukon and to support alternative leadership and management models
  5. To encourage a greater recognition of the intrinsic value of all women and their contributions to society 
  6. To strengthen the effectiveness, sustainability and morale of the Women’s Collective
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