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Rural Pregnant Mom’s Suite

Up to 2-week stays for eligible women

The Rural Pregnant Mom’s Suite is a self-contained suite in the lower floor of the Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre, designed to provide accommodation for Yukon women living in the communities before they give birth. It provides a safe and pleasant short-term stay and invaluable peace of mind, being nearby the hospital, and free from the financial burden and challenge of finding a 2 week rental in the final stages of one's pregnancy.

The Suite can be used by any pregnant Yukon woman, usually for the two weeks prior to her expected due date, free of charge, along with her partner or support person, and a child under the age of one or breastfeeding.

Due to COVID regulations, the 2nd bedroom and laundry facilities are not currently available - instead the entire suite is rented out as one unit to one family at a time, with access to one bedroom only and laundry available on-site during the evenings.

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To book the suite, contact: or phone 667-2693 ext. 1.