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Our Team

Diane Pétrin, Women’s Advocate

Diane has been working at VFWC for five years as the Women’s Advocate. In her position, she liaises between women, the government, and other community agencies. She assists women in accessing information and in assessing their options in times of need order to make informed choices. She provides support for women accessing services in Whitehorse and the Yukon, related to all areas including financial, income security, legal, social, housing, health, child custody, the justice system, violence against women and girls, family law, human rights/women’s rights, employment, immigration, harassment, or criminal matters. Diane works in partnership with many other community organisations, and always empowers women to trust their judgment and make positive choices. Her role includes accompanying women to appointments and the courts, as well as offering support to women who are at the Whitehorse Correctional Center and other facilities. As a Francophone, Diane offers her services in both English and French. Within the centre, Diane is also responsible for Human Resource management. She has an Honours Degree in Women’s Studies at York University, a BA in Social Work from the Laurentian University, and a Justice Institute Certificate in Mediation.

Diane can be reached at (867) 667-2693 or womensadvocate@vfwomenscentre.com.


Sarah Murphy, Program Coordinator

Originally from Newfoundland, Sarah moved to the Yukon from Ontario to join the VFWC team in 2016. As the Program Coordinator for the centre, she is involved in many aspects of our operations, though one of her main focuses is violence against women prevention, awareness, and education. Her role encompasses communications, finance, coordination of collective meetings, helping with drop-in, and working with our community partners on advocating for women and a variety of campaigns.  In addition to this, Sarah supports programs run by VFWC such as the Girls and Trans* Club, A Safe Place, Moms and Kids, Community Kitchen, and the Community Volunteer Income Tax Clinic. Sarah has a Masters in Social Work from Carleton University, as well as a Bachelor of Political Science from St. Francis Xavier University.

Sarah can be reached at (867) 667-2693 or coordinator@vfwomenscentre.com.


Brandie Chetcuti, Healthy Moms Healthy Babies Program Coordinator

Brandie began working at the centre in April of 2014 and in her position as the Program Coordinator for the Healthy Moms Healthy Babies program, she works with the Peer Support Worker to facilitate drop in lunches twice a week for pregnant women and women with babies up to one year. This involves organizing educational speakers, facilitating conversation on motherhood and pregnancy topics, planning healthy activities such as walking groups, supporting good nutrition, doing motherhood-oriented projects with women and providing in-home care for mothers in need. In her role as the staff responsible for House Management, Brandie handles any repair and maintenance issues at the organisation. She has an Electronics Engineering Technology diploma from SAIT and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary, as well as Post-Partum Doula training and facilitator training in a variety of parenting, motherhood, and mental health programs, which she uses regularly in the program.

Brandie can be reached at (867) 667-4134 or hmhb@vfwomenscentre.com.


Fiona McTaggart, Healthy Moms Healthy Babies Peer Support Worker

Fiona moved to Whitehorse in May of 2015 and started working at VFWC in June of 2015. In her role as the Peer Support Worker, she cooks meals for the program’s drop-in twice a week and provides support for pregnant mothers and mothers with babies up to one year old both during programing and through home and hospital visits. She works to promote healthy nutrition with the mothers, organises donations to the program, and assists the Healthy Moms Healthy Babies Program Coordinator with drop-in programing, activities, and guest speakers. Fiona has a BA Honours in English and Creative Writing as well of lots of experience in child care and cooking/baking.

Fiona can be reached at (867) 667-4134 or hmhbpeer@vfwomenscentre.com.


Liz Pilon, A Safe Place Program Coordinator

As the Program Coordinator of the Safe Place program, Liz works behind the scenes and with the Safe Place team to implement the weekend Safe Place low-barrier drop-in programming at the centre. This involves coordinating staffing, participating in weekly programming, supporting both staff and women who access Safe Place, and engaging with local partners to continue a Safe Place community presence so that the people who need the program the most will both be able to easily access support and so that the program continues in the coming years. Liz joined the VFWC team in November 2015 and has been living in the Yukon for several years and enjoying the outdoors, though she is originally from Ontario.

Liz can be reached at (867) 667-2693 or safeplace@vfwomenscentre.com

A Safe Place Facilitators:

Martha Vaneltsi

Majorie Blake

Susie Firth

Susan Vandenborn

Justine Armstrong

Leslie Roberts

Rosaura Garcia

Allison Wight


Jess Stone, Girls North Coordinator

Hailing from the flat, mediocre lands of southern Ontario, Jess has been in love with the Yukon's beauty for over 5 years, and enjoying it permanently for 2 years. You can often find her on the trails or clay cliffs staring at the mountains and skies with her adorable dog by her side and a camera in hand. She works as the Girls & Trans* Club Coordinator and GNorth Network Coordinator at VFWC as well as running 2 other girls groups within town with The Heart of Riverdale & Skookum Jim Friendship Centre. The Girls and Trans* Club of VFWC runs on Thursday evenings from 3:30-7:00pm, and provides a space where girls and transfolk can come together, make art, make food, make friendships and get involved in their community while supporting the trans* and feminist communities. She also coordinates the GNorth Network, an ongoing network of program providers in the North that gather to improve the programming made available to the youth of the Yukon. She loves this type of work as it gives her endless reasons to be silly, get creative, express herself, support her community and have fun. Jess graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts with a double specialization in Philosophy & Languages (English, French) and a double minor in Psychology and Sociology.

Jess can be reached at (867) 667-2693 or gnorth@vfwomenscentre.com.


Kerry Nolan, Administrative Coordinator

Kerry has been living in the Yukon all her life and has been working at VFWC since April of 2015, though she had been accessing the centre for 4 years previous to that. In her position as Administrative Coordinator, Kerry is responsible for the administrative duties for the centre, as well as coordinating the Rural Pregnant Moms suite, cleaning duties, and accounting assistance. As one of the first faces women see when they enter the centre, Kerry is the main staff available to assist women during drop-in. She provides support, helps them access the services that the centre provides, such as the free shower, laundry, computer, phone, fax, and printer. Kerry has a Business Administrative Certificate, first year of Northern Social Work, and education in Women in Trades from the Yukon College as well as a variety of other certificates and programs.

Kerry can be reached at (867) 667-2693 or admin@vfwomenscentre.com.


Anne Gilbert, Community Kitchen Coordinator

Anne can be reached at (867) 667-2693 or communitykitchen@vfwomenscentre.com.


Esther Armstrong, Housing Navigator

Esther was born and raised in a small farming town in Ontario, along with her older sister and two younger brothers. After living in Ottawa for eight years, she moved to Whitehorse in September 2015. As someone who recently discovered running, she is enjoying getting to know the area by exploring the many trails found throughout Whitehorse. Esther joined the Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre as the Housing Navigator in January 2016. As the Housing Navigator she works with women to help them find and maintain safe and affordable housing. This involves implementing a Landlords Working to End Homelessness (LWEH) program, modeled after the success of existing programs in Whitehorse, as well as providing general housing support to women involved with the centre.

Esther can be reached at (867) 667-2693 or housing@vfwomenscentre.com.

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Our Collective

VFWC operates as a non-hierarchical Collective. Our collective emphasizes sharing information, power, and responsibility.  All members of the Women’s Collective are designated as leaders without a formal, top down structure.  The collective structure is flexible and varies over time.  Decisions are made based on consensus.


Collective Members

Bhreagh Dabbs

Shelby Maunder

Reem Girgrah

Larisse McDonald

Sharon Stevens

Jasmina Randhawa

Eileen Melnychuk

Melissa Ordish

For more information about joining our Collective, contact us

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Our Funders

Our funding comes from a diverse mix of grants and sponsorships from all levels of governments, foundations, organizations, and individuals.

Government of Canada

  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Canada Summer Jobs
  • Justice Canada
  • Homelessness Partnering Strategy

Yukon Government

  • Women’s Directorate
  • Department of Justice
  • Health and Social Services Insured Health and Hearing Services
  • Youth Investment Fund
  • Professional Development Fund
  • Crime Prevention Victim Services Trust Fund
  • Community Development Fund
  • Advanced Education
  • Alcohol and Drug Services

City of Whitehorse

  • Recreation Fund
  • Municipal Services Grant


  • Holland America
  • Girls Action Foundation
  • Canadian Women’s Foundation
  • United Way Yukon
  • Rotary Rendezvous
  • Lions Club

Many individuals, groups, companies

  • ATCO Electric
  • NGC Builders
  • G&P Distributing
  • Bean North
  • Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters
  • Alpine Bakery
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